Skate and Bear at A Practical Wedding!

Holy cannoli!

We’re the Wedding Graduate post today over at A Practical Wedding.  I’m very excited to be up on APW, and interested to see if any conversations are sparked by my post. Seeing our photos and my words up there is still sort of surreal.

Also! That means my dress giveaway is coming up shortly (ed: there it is! go look!), so if there are any baby brides out there still hunting for an off-the-shoulder ivory dress in a street size 8 or 10, this is your chance! Keep an eye on APW for more details.

With the post on APW and my mom fiddling with our wedding announcement, it feels like our wedding really is coming to a close, but I think I’m going to do some wedding recap posts. A lot of planning ends up feeling very nebulous until it is actually realized, and I believe that talking about that week will be really helpful. It will be good to talk about the things that came together (our centerpieces, the guest book, the seating chart) and how the entire week felt (hint: emotional). Debating wedding planning ideas and family stress issues is only in its full context when you see it through to the end.

So stay tuned for some wedding recaps, for more discussions about what it’s like to be the wife of a scientist (…a scientist’s wife; {name that reference}), and the progression from wedding planning to life planning and all the messy parts in between.

2 responses to “Skate and Bear at A Practical Wedding!

  1. aww! congrats, heading over now to check it out!

    • Thanks! I’m excited. :) Also, if you haven’t checked out Practical Wedding before, add it to your blog list NOW. It’s awesome. :)

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